***NEW*** VAL 6 Series Infrared Heaters!

Bring the heat of the sun to your work space, indoors or outdoors. These high-efficiency, high-output diesel or kerosene-fueled heaters operate by generating radiant heat, not by convection. The warmth they provide is not affected by wind or room size. They are safe, odorless and inexpensive to operate.

Electrical Power Generation

Generac Guardian Automatic Standby Generators. 3.5 KW to 150 KW Single and Three Phase Outputs. Propane and Natural Gas fueled. Keep your house working and your family comfortable even when you are not there.

Brown-Out Protection

Protect motors from low-voltage conditions. Available as upgrade kits for installed units or as add-ons for new generator sets.

Computer-Grade Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Keep sensitive microprocessors and critical devices free of power aberrations. If it needs to keep working let Osage Energies show you how it can be done.

U.P.S. Batteries

Batteries for the device in your life.

Ride-Through Device

A magnetic voting transformer that chooses one of two phases fed in to be its output. Switching is done magnetically, no loss longer than 120°. This is new, It Works! Ask for a demonstration.

Motor Protection Devices

Residential and Industrial. How much money is invested in the contents of your freezer? A half of beef, those strawberries and cherries from mom's garden, the turkey for next week?

Let the voltage and current going into that single or three phase motor be monitored and protect the motor from damage. Keep the home pump or fridge / freezer from burning out in a brownout (Low Voltage) event. Ask Osage Energies how. Don't loose that freezer full of food!

Line Monitoring Meters

Simple plug-in devices allow you to monitor line voltage and frequency.

Three-Phase Converters

Let a 1 phase 240 input variable frequency motor drive power your 3 phase 208V motor.

Kresto Hand Cleaner

Simply the very best. Ask for a sample. If you never get your hands dirty you can't judge this product. Clean hand geeks not allowed!

Gookinaid Hydralyte

It works, it saves lives, it lets the stressed, exerted human perform better.

Go to the web site and read. What they say is just the facts. The body performs well if properly nourished. This will keep proper hydration to the human. If you think the Gator drink is good, you are hoodwinked by corporate marketing. Arrange a test with you or your team and Osage Energies today. We power you, as well as your home or business!

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